Sexy day of the dead

Alright everybody, Halloween season is around the corner and the costume shops are opening. I get that certain sexy costumes bordering on the ridiculous (or pedophilic, sexy Dora the explora?) are unavoidable and occasionally amusing so whatever wear what you’re comfortable in BUT I want to ask you to please please please please try to avoid the sexy day of the dead costumes.

I’ve heard the whole “but I’m paying homage/respect to your culture” spiel and I get the appeal of exploring other cultures because they’re interesting I do, but if you want to pay respect or try to understand more about day of the dead id be more than happy to walk you through the importance of an altar of family members that have passed away, how to set it up, what it means, cleaning your loved ones gravesite if you live near enough to visit and why that process of cleaning and eating there is important.

For me and many many other Mexicans Dia de los Muertos is a time where we pay homage to the lives of our loved ones and the good times we had with them , it’s a healthy way to explain death to young ones, and to experience our grief and love in a safe setting surrounded by friends family and tradition. The point of this holiday is not about dressing up as skeletons or spitting on deaths face and saying we are invincible or anything like that. It’s about closure, it’s about celebrating the lives of the ones that are no longer with us, and realizing that death is not the end if the world, that whether you believe in the after life or not your memory will live on in the minds and hearts of those you’ve left behind. So please out of respect for a tradition near and dear to my heart and to the families who celebrate it, please avoid the halloween Day of the Dead costumes. Thanks




This guy sent me a dick pic so I google searched and sent back a bigger dick pic. This was the response.

This is beautiful

“A boy sends you an unsolicited dick pic… send back a picture of a better looking dick. … A more photogenic dick. A dick with a future.”




44% of the audience of Guardians of the Galaxy is female and all the speculation states that women went to see it for Chris Pratt’s body. I don’t think that’s fair. Maybe (and this is crazy) they just like kickass movies with space shit and explosions. Maybe women can do things without men being their motivation. Maybe.

Bless you


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99% of my socks are single u don’t see them crying about it

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One of the best moments of my childhood.



I can’t even tell you how excited I was that they turned this book into a movie and it was good

I literally have absolutely no complaints with the movie at all. Once, my friend and I did comparisons from the book and the movie, and we found the only major difference was the fact that Stanley wasn’t heavy set when he arrived at the camp in the movie. The majority of the script is raw quotations from the book.
This is my favorite book to movie adaptation and it did everything Percy Jackson, Inkheart, and The Golden Compass didn’t.

yesss this was such a good book and film

And the only reason Stanely wasn’t heavy set was because in the book he loses tons of weight and eventually ends up being almost thin. The director said he didn’t want to force an adolescent boy to lose weight on such a quick filming schedule, and L’bouf’s audition was so spot on, that they decided to go with a thinner Stanely from the beginning

Also the screenplay was wrote by the author

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The poor models at Louis Vuitton.


yo, fuck marc jacobs, he treats models like complete shit all of the time and never gets called out on it

Oh my god this is real

if this doesnt get people pissed i dont know what will

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please watch this cinematic masterpiece

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its really important for men to stand up to other men who say terrible and sexist shit

because sexist men dont listen to what women have to say

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Just got this gem from my brother’s girlfriend

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consider this:

thor is always running into little kids who are thrilled to meet him - he doesn’t really understand the concept of signing autographs, but he starts carrying asgardian toys around in his pockets to give to kids he meets (much to shield’s chagrin - how are we…





did you know when you suddenly jerk awake while falling asleep, another version of you from a different timeline just died

This post fucked me up.

It’s actually because you’re heart rate decreased so quickly that you’re brain jerks you awake to make sure you’re still alive.

i dont know wHICH ONE IS WORSE

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↳ Favorite Cate Blanchett looks - Versace Spring 2007.

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jet plane hits the wall of sound SONIC BOOM


jet plane hits the wall of sound SONIC BOOM

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i love how at the end he nods his head encouragingly like 

‘i fucking nailed that, i am merida, now talk’ 

This is still Gimli imitating Legolas and no one can convince me otherwise…

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